Winnipeg Parking Fail is designed to publicly shame and embarrass fellow Winnipegers for some less than stellar parking attempts. Sure, you can get a parking ticket, pay it and forget about it.  Your friends and loved ones may never find out that you parked like a DBag. We're not reporting anything to the police or parking authorities, just having a little fun to hopefully persuade people to think twice about parking in a No Parking zone, taking up four spots, Fire Lanes or just parking your vehicle where you know you shouldn't.  Submissions can be made by email to please include Clear photo of vehicle and surroundings.  Date and location should also be included. 


August 30 2013 Underground @ Superstore on Portage ave.

Superstore Portage Underground


August 30 2013 Niakwa Safeway

Niakwa Safeway


August 29 2013 The Forks

The Forks Winnipeg


August 28 2013 Bridge Drive-In (B.D.I) on Jubilee

Bridge Drive In

August 23 2013 Polo Park

Polo Park


August 23 2013 Extreme Performance on McPhillips

Extreme McPhillips


August 21 2013 Sobey's on Kenaston

Sobeys Kenaston


August 21 2013 Home Depot on McPhillips

Home Depot


August 20 2013 1795 Henderson Hwy

Henderson Hwy


August 16 2013 Island Lakes

Island Lakes


August 15 2013 Waverly & Grant

Waverly Grant Pizza

August 15 2013 Kildonan Place

Kildonan Place


August 15 2013 The Forks

Forks Market


August 14 2013 Rogers Wireless on Portage ave.

Rogers Portage ave.


August 13 2013 Safeway on Osborne

Safeway Osborne


August 13 2013 Leons near Polo Park

Leons Polo Park


August 10 2013 St.Vital Park

St. Vital Park


August 10 2013 Silver City Polo Park

Silver City Polo Park

August 10 2013 Safeway on Osborne

Osborne Safeway


August 9 2013 Safeway @ Keewatin&Burrows


August 9 2013 Buffet Square Garden City

Buffet Square


August 8 2013 Fast Signs on Pembina


August 8 2013 Party Stuff on Milt Stegall Drive


August 8 2013 Pembina Crossing Mall


August 8 Real Canadian Wholesale Club


August 8 2013 Safeway on St.Anne's


August 8 2013 Stop Sign not a "Park" Sign



August 7 2013 Co-op on McPhillips


August 7 2013 Tim Hortons Charleswood Center


August 3 2013 Northgate Mall


August 3 2013 Assiniboine Park Zoo

Winnipeg Parking Fail Assinaboine Park Zoo

Assiniboine Park Zoo


August 1 2013 Unicity Walmart

Winnipeg Parking Fail Unicity Walmart


August 1 2013 Kildonan Place

Winnipeg Parking Fail Kildonan Place


August 1 2013 Seven Oaks Hospital

Winnipeg Parking Fail Seven Oaks


August 1 2013 1300 Ellice Ave.

Winnipeg Parking Fail Ellice


July 31 2013 SuperStore Regent

Winnipeg Parking Fail Superstore Regent


July 31 2013 Southdale Mall

Winnipeg Parking Fail Southdale


July 31 2013 Northgate Mall

Winnipeg Parking Fail Northgate


July 31 2013 Kimberly at Gateway

Winnipeg Parking Fail Kimberly


July 31 2013 Charleswood Center

Winnipeg Parking Fail Charleswood


July 31 2013 Charleswood Center

Winnipeg Parking Fail Charleswood


July 31 2013 Carbones Pizza on Taylor blvd

Winnipeg Parking Fail Carbones Pizza


July 30 2013 Strip Mall at the corner of Roblin blvd. & Harstone rd.

Winnipeg Parking Fail Roblin Harstone Vans 


July 28 2013 CanadInns Fort Garry

Winnipeg Parking Fail Fort Garry CanadInns


July 27 Polo Park


July 27 2013 Montana's Restaurant St.Vital

Winnipeg Parking Fail Montanas


July 27 2013 Georges Burgers&Subs on Ness

Winnipeg Parking Fail Georges on Ness


July 25 2013 Wasabi on Taylor

Winnipeg Parking Fail Wasabi Taylor blvd


July 24 2013 Northgate Mall

Winnipeg Parking Fail Northgate


July 24 2013 Kenaston Walmart: No car seat, no prego... 

Walmart Ferg1e


July 22 2013 Southdale Safeway

Winnipeg Parking Fail Safeway Southdale


July 20 2013 St.Vital Mall

Winnipeg Parking Fail St.Vital


July 16 2013 Charleswood Center

Winnipeg Parking Fail


July 1 2013 Emergency Entrance St.Boniface Hospital

Winnipeg Parking Fail St. Boniface Hospital


June 29 2013 Crossroads SuperStore (off Regent)

Winnipeg Parking Fail Regent Superstore


June 17 2013 Grant Park Shopping Center

Winnipeg Parking Fail Grant Park


June 15 Portage Place Parkade

Winnipeg Parking Fail Portage Place Parkade

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